Article Published in the March 2019 Maldon Life Magazine

Well our first quiz of the year on January 26th turned out to be a good night for fish and aquatic creatures rather than quizzers but as expected, the more intrepid amongst us made our way to the centre for another interesting evening with Kevin Briggs, Quizmaster Extraordinaire.  I was fortunate enough to arrive prior to the worst onslaught but those arriving from 7.40 pm onwards it definitely looked as if they had swum there or at very best had gone through a car wash. ( and not in their cars). I was impressed with their resilience and determination not to be thwarted in getting their regular quizfix. 

Unfortunately a couple of teams were absent due to illness but we were fortunate enough to have one new team arrive and numbers whilst down, were certainly respectable. 

Kevin as usual asked the questions in his pacey manner and before we knew it we were at the end of the first four sets of ten questions and papers were handed in for marking.  Because we had collected money for entrance at the door everyone was able to enjoy an uninterrupted break to enjoy their wine, drinks and food. Early indicators showed Pieces of Eight in 1st Place, ( having played their joker) Rubinsteins, a new team in second ( again having played their joker) with joint third going to Bill and Ricky, Fuzzy Logic and Good Neighbours, non of whom had played theirs. 
After the second set of questions positions altered in that Bill and Ricky now led the competition, 4+3 and Rubinsteins in joint second place and yours truly with The Unachievers in Fourth just two points behind. (How did that happen? )

However all too soon and as usual, the last three sets rearranged the final order. Here it is. Overall winners were Burns Night Hangover, Clearly they weren’t suffering too much though or if they were, it didn’t impact performance. They scored 18 points with their joker and 96 out of a possible 110 total, to win the evenings wine. As there were only five in their team they kindly donated one of their bottles of wine as a prize for the February Raffle. Thankyou and a Very Well Done to them. In joint second place, came Fuzzy Logic and One Generation both earning 16 points with their joker and 91 points overall. 4th Place went to Bill and Ricky with another 16 points earned on their joker. 
In Fifth place (89 points) came Pieces of Eight, and earning 18 points on their joker in round 1 definitely helped.  In 6th place came Rubinsteins just behind on 88 points and 16 points with their joker. 7th place was awarded to Good Neighbours again just 1 point behind on 87 points and just 12 of those with their joker round they could have been far higher! Eighth place went to 4 + 3 even earning the maximum with their joker giving them a total of 85 points. Excellent use of the joker! Finally in joint 9th place came Penultimately Number 9 and The Underachievers both on 83 points. It all went wrong for us in rounds 8-10. So who would earn the right to eat the commiseration Mars bars? Two tie break questions later and it was Penultimately Number 9 who won ( or should I say lost) the day and the Mars Bars. I was feeling pretty smug as to date we’ve avoided them twice and yes; it was more luck than judgement. 

Notwithstanding this all the teams did really well and seemed to really enjoy the evening in spite of the weather no doubt the eight prizes in the raffle helped this good feeling with most tables winning a prize. 

Results for the February quiz will appear in April’s edition as articles are written before they are held. 

Our next quiz is due on April 6th at 8 pm as usual. Put that date in your diaries and on that note just a gentle reminder to everybody, please help put your chairs and tables away at the close of the evening and take your rubbish with you. 

Now just to let you know about an offering from one of our longest standing clients. 

“An evening of dance with the Patricia Kirkland School of Dance”.
To be held in Maldon’s Town Hall at the top of Market Hill on the evenings of 29th  March,  7pm. start and 30th March,  6.30pm.start.
With tickets priced  at just £8.50 you should enjoy a wonderful evening filled with different dances performed beautifully by Patricia’s dance students all of whom are aged from 3 years to adult.
Contact Tricia for tickets  01621857648

Article published in the February 2019 Maldon Life Magazine

Where did January go and how are those resolutions going? Quite well it would seem as the centre seems awfully busy again at the moment. Don’t forget it’s never too late to take up or start new interests just because January has moved on be brave and go for it. Life’s too short to have regrets about what one didn’t do. 

Another person who has been busy is Webmaster and Vice Chair David, he has totally redesigned our website. Whilst all of us were enjoying turkey and trimmings he was slaving over a hot laptop. Okay, well maybe not on Xmas day exactly. Anyway to cut a long story short he’s done a super job. The new site is clean and fresh and has some wonderful new photos of the facilities, courtesy of a volunteer local photographer and friend of the centre. Thank-you to him and David for all their hard work.  Take a look on when you can. 

 Our next quiznight of 2019 is on Saturday, February 23, with the usual start time of 8pm. and naturally there’s plenty to play for. Kevin the quizmaster will be setting his usual 10 sets of 10 questions to keep you on your toes. You’ll also have a joker to play on your chosen joker round (hopefully the one where you know all the answers) when you then have the opportunity to double your points. Choose well and you’re on your way to winning. Teams of up to 8 persons allowed although teams of four have been known to win so don’t worry! Cost £4 per head (under 16s free) so bring the family. Most Important. Don’t forget to bring your drinks and nibbles to ensure you really enjoy the evening. Prize for the winning table (6 Bottles of wine) and commiseration chocolate for the team with least number of points on the night. No need to book, just come along and enjoy the evening. you might even win the raffle!

Finally, it’s time to wish Ann Fisher the W.I. representative who has sat on the committee for quite a while now a fond farewell. Ann is moving out of the county and sadly has to leave us. Thank-you to her for all her efforts and good humour. She will really be missed. Our very best wishes go with her. 

Article Published In January 2019 Edition of Maldon Life

West Maldon Community Centre News.

Well the children’s Xmas party has been and gone. David and Lisa have finally recovered from all their hard work getting it ready (along with Father Xmas who as usual made his special visit to us) aided by a number of helpers. Thank you to them all for making this once again a lovely afternoon for the children. Whilst numbers were lower this year, those who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves dancing to songs played, and watching the magic performed by Mr Happy. Roll on the next one!

Now before I really get into my flow let me just say “Happy New Year to everyone, Readers, Clients and friends alike. Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed a really good Xmas break enjoying the good health which is so vital to us all.

Likewise I trust you’ve not indulged too much because historically January is that month in the New Year where having taken stock of ourselves after Xmas we have also made resolutions we intend to keep, on the road to good intentions. You’ll know the one and if not; I can give you directions. As most of you have SAT Navs these days just punch in CM96YH and before you know it you’ll be at the Community Centre in Sunbury Way, Keeble Park Maldon. Here you’ll be able to find something to aid you with those resolutions be it Weight Loss Programmes, Get Fit, keep fit Programmes ( for all ages). Playing a new sport. Returning to an old favourite sport, Dancing, Martial arts, Joining a group to learn a language, get your children playing more sport or learning to dance. Just a few ideas for starters. ( and don’t forget the regular quiznights we run). There’s also plenty more on the website, have a browse and see what you like. Remember it’s not just the activity you’ll enjoy the added bonus is you get to meet likeminded mortals who often become friends.

Or you might like to get involved with your local community. Join the Committee here. We always need new people with fresh ideas. Or you just might like to visit Councillor Flo Shaughnessy at her monthly surgery on the 1st Saturday each month between 10 and 12 noon to discuss matters of concern to you.

Whatever the reason. Come along and see what we have to offer. Or visit our website To look at what’s on and when. It differs from week to week. It’s your Community, make the most of it.

On that note I am delighted to say that our 1st Quiz of 2019 is on Saturday 26th January January.

As usual our Quizmaster is Kevin Briggs and we’re looking forward to a great evening as usual.

8pm start so please arrive by 7.45pm so that you’re seated in time for the start.

We’ll be collecting your entrance fees of £4 for the over 16’s on the door, allowing for extra free time during the two breaks. Hopefully we’ll see you there and don’t forget to bring your drinks and niibbles with you.

Bye for now.