Article Published in November 2019 Maldon Life Magazine

October saw the AGM being held with the Committee being voted in. Firstly I’d like to both thank and welcome those individuals who came along on the evening and kindly joined the committee.  We still have to elect a new chair in the near future although Sarah kindly agreed to stay out for the time being, ably assisted by David Vice-chair. 


Now we can move on to the September quiz which regrettably Took place after the deadline for the October magazine. It’s not that I write really slowly ( Honest!)


It was not the busiest night, mainly due to a couple of teams being on holiday. So with 7 teams we commenced what can only be named “ A Night to Remember”. If you’re wondering what momentous occasion needed to be named so austerely then read on. 


Following the usual format of 10 sets of 10 questions and a joker to play on one round, where you effectively double the points scored, the quiz commenced with Kevin our quizmaster appearing to be a little kinder than usual. In fact in the first General Knowledge Round,  4 teams scored a maximum 10 points.  These being Strictly Quizzical, Weekenders, Fuzzy Logic and Underachievers. The second round was somewhat harder with just three teams getting all 10 correct, Strictly Quizzical, We thought it was Speed dating, and finally Underachievers who by playing their joker, earned a maximum 20 points. Wow!


Round 3 saw things get tougher again, this time no 10 pointers, and only Penultimately no 9 scored  9 points. The fourth round saw that result repeated again by Penultimately no 9 leaving the top three teams at this stage with Underachievers on 45 points, Penultimately no 9 with 42 points and Strictly Quizzical on 36 points.  


Round 5 was a really tough round with a top score of 7 points earned by one team only, Strictly Quizzical. Round 6 saw three teams score 8 correct answers. Late Again, Underachievers and Penultimately No 9.   Round 7 however saw Fuzzy Logic and Weekenders score 9 points with the former playing their joker and scoring 18 points total. Positions at this stage were now first place the Underachievers  on 66 points, second, We thought it was Speed Dating on 59 points and third place Strictly Quizzical just a point behind on 58 points. Very exciting and still all to play for. 


Round 8 saw two teams score maximum points and these were Strictly Quizzical and We thought it was Speed Dating. Round 9 however saw every single team score 10. I don’t think that’s ever happened before or if so certainly not for a long time. Weekenders cannily played their joker thus earning 20 points. So the final round left it all to play for and with many teams vying for top spot some 5 teams scored a maximum ten points. Strictly Quizzical, Late Again with their joker ( so 20 points) We thought it was Speed Dating, Underachievers and Penultimately Number 9 with final positions as follows in reverse order:-

7th Fuzzy Logic on 82 points which is not a bad score at all. To make matters worse yours truly forgot to purchase the commiseration chocolate to sweeten the loss so an IOU had to be issued! 

6th, Penultimately Number 9, despite all their top scoring rounds they managed just 86 points. Rounds 5 and 7 scuppered them. 

5th, Strictly Quizzical on 88 points rounds 6 and 7 restricting their final score. 

4th, We thought this was Speed Dating on 89 points. Just 14 points on their joker in round 6 and lower scores in rounds 4 and 7 lost them 2nd place. ( Sorry David! )

3rd, Late Again, a very good team scored 90 points and a maximum score with their joker in round 10 propelled them up the rankings. 

2nd place went to Weekenders. On 94 points. They also scored maximum with their joker in round 9. 

1st Place and this is why the event was so named “A night to remember” went to “ Underachievers” .

Yes that’s my team! I’d like to say it was all due to me but of course it wasn’t and it’s called a night to remember because I am unsure that the stars will ever align so perfectly again. My thanks go to Matt, Bex, Pops, Grant, Keith, Patricia and Graham who somehow got a lot of questions right. Woohoo!!!!!

Trust me I am not crowing. I just can’t believe it’s finally happened and I seriously question it happening again. We’re not called the Underachievers for nothing. 


Now if you have any spare time on Saturday 8th November why not pop along to Wickham Bishops Village Hall for a Charity Clairvoyant evening from 6.30pm. There will be stalls where you can have tarot cards read, crystal healing, reiki massage and purchase jewellery for sale. Just right for Xmas. The clairvoyant session starts at 7.30pm. Tickets available for just £10 each at with all profits raised going to the Brainwave charity. See the events page for more information or call or email Nicky Evans on 01376503608 or


Our last quiz of the year takes place this month. Saturday 16th November at 8pm. We call this our Xmas quiz ( well any excuse to have a good time). We’ll be having a Bumper Raffle draw and of course we’ll all be bringing along some extra special drinks and nibbles to enjoy during the evening. All for £4 a head and not forgetting Kevin our wonderful Quizmaster will be setting the questions as usual. Come along and have a great evening with us. Hope to see you there. 


Finally our children’s Xmas party this year is being held on Saturday 14th December between 10.30 - 1.30 pm. Giving you parents some free time!  This year it’s kindly being arranged and run by Carly.

Tickets remain at £6 a head this year and include an age appropriate gift. Children should be aged 4-11 years but under 4’s don’t have to miss out if there is an accompanying adult. If you’d like to book tickets for your child/children please call Lisa on 07814510154. Food, entertainment and a gift! Just £6. Get yours now.