The centre has a number of rooms, large and small. Subject to availability individual rooms can be hired out or you can take over the whole building! The main hall and the two side rooms are now fully air conditioned as indicated on the home page.

Main Hall

MainHall3 Christmas.jpg

136 sq metres
Standing capacity :200
Seated capacity: 120

The largest room in the centre is the main hall, which is larger than a badminton court and is currently used for this purpose each Wednesday evening. The hall is regularly used for a wide range of activities such as keep fit, dance, judo, table tennis and orchestra practice. Added in August 2013 there is now a large electrically operated projector screen to enable conferences, meetings presentations and Family Cinema Events run by the centre. There are a large number of chairs and tables available making it an ideal venue for birthday parties, discos and live music.

Facilities available:- 

  • Electrically operated projector screen
  • CD player/radio microphones 
  • Wired speaker system with jack connectivity
  • Induction loop system
  • Selection of large rectangular tables and chairs
  • Suitable as sports surface
  • Air-conditioning and heating units with separate User temperature controls

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Jubilee Lounge


36 sq metres
Standing capacity: 30
Seated capacity: 25

Added in 2002 the Jubilee Lounge has a bar and small kitchen  including a fridge and drinks making facilities with comfortable seating for around 25 people. It can be configured in a bar format with individual circular tables or as a conference or meeting room using larger rectangular tables stored in the room. The amount of natural light flooding into the room makes it particularly suitable for Art classes or Card playing and it is currently used by  the committee for its monthly meetings held at the centre.  There is an Air-conditioning and Heating unit installed for your comfort. The caretaker will set the temperature as agreed with the user prior to use. 

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Linton Room


25 sq metres
Standing capacity: 30
Seated capacity: 25

Named after Dorreen Linton in recognition of her contributions past and present to the Centre, this is an ideal place to host smaller meetings. A whiteboard is available on request. It also has access to a large fitted kitchen unless being used by hirers of the hall.

There is an Air-conditioning and Heating unit installed for your comfort. The caretaker will set the temperature as agreed with the user prior to use. 

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The centre is equipped with free WiFi, subject to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of use. The access code is available on request by emailing David on giving your name and club(s) or event details, or by asking the duty caretaker. We will then email you back with the connection details.


  • We recommend you email us several days before you need access to make sure you we can get the passcode to you in time.
  • The passcode will only be issued to people hiring the centre, it is not for general use and must not be shared with people outside your club or event.
  • If you run multiple clubs and will be using the internet for more than one please let us know so we can track how the facility is being used.
  • The passcode will be changed periodically, we will email out the new password to all those who are registered users.
  • To use the facility, hirers will have to provide their own laptops or other equipment with WiFi capability.
  • The wireless transmitter is located in the kitchen area and repeated near the Jubilee Lounge so the signal should reach throughout the centre - if you have problems please let us know, the caretakers have the "turn it off and on again" instructions!


Everything Else

The centre has a modern, well equipped kitchen and you can make full use of appliances, china, cutlery and glasses (subject to a nominal charge). The kitchen is accessed by the Hall and the Linton Room.