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Number two of our 6 quiz-nights in 2018 and plenty more fun to be had yet. Doesn’t matter if you’re not a hardened quizzer, we’re not either! Do we have some good teams? Yes of course, they are all good. Just some know more than others depending on which questions  Kevin’s decided to set. You see Kevin our Quizmaster is the real problem! He’s always asking questions........

Why not come along and see if you can give him a run for his money.

Ok Bring along your own drinks, glasses and nibbles to help make the evening go with a swing and don’t forget a bag for your rubbish too. A pen and paper helps too. 

Now for the boring stuff. Teams of up to 8 allowed but remember; the larger the number in a team doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more likely to win. (Just watch my team if you need any proof!!!!)  You’ll need a good team name too. 

Price £4 a Head. Seriously good value; where else can you go out for an evening for so little?

Did I mention the prizes? There’s six bottles of wine for the winning team and something to sweeten the blow for the team with the least points. Plus you might even win the raffle. If yòu buy a ticket.

See you there I hope.  No need to book. Call Debbie on 07823777201 any queries.