Maldon Life Article November 2014

Following on from the very busy September we had, we were hoping for a relatively peaceful October but of course we still had an AGM to go on the 9th.   However we were being smiled on and all went well.  We were delighted to welcome both Andy Streets and Mark Heard to the committee and hope their time with us is a pleasant one and not unduly onerous.

One of the challenges set for us in this year’s AGM by our Chair Sarah is that she is keen to try out new ideas and events for people in the local community.  So our task is to find out what people would like to see on at the centre.

We would reassure you at this point that the Autumn/Winter Cinema will be continuing and starts again in November, although the film has still yet to be decided on.  Maleficent seems to be quite a popular choice but if you have a view on this let me know by emailingmeon I need to know by the 10th November if you want your vote to be included.  

The proposed date for the first viewing this season is Sunday 16th November at 3PM but keep an eye on the website in case of changes or to see the final choice of film. Cost will be as previously just £2 a child with just 50p for each accompanying adult.  Refreshments and confectionary will also be available on the day.

Next; it is with regret that I have to inform you that we are already full up for the ChildrensXmas party on 30th November. Clearly last year’s attendees were keen to get booked up again because we never got round to announcing it outside of the website.

Finally, if you missed the AGM. but would still like to join the committee or perhaps volunteer to help run one of the film showsfor a couple of hours, let me know. It’s never too late and you will be surprised at what you learn whilst thoroughly enjoying yourself.