Maldon Life Article May 2015

At our latest Family Film show Paddington wowed the audience. Packed almost to capacity the sports hall buzzed with excitement on what was a fairly wet afternoon. It was the perfect day to watch a good film and with an audience ranging from 20 months to 80 plus years the film had to be good enough to entertain everybody. And it did! Darkest Peru had an enchantment going on that only talking bears could bring about. Sombre and sad at times in its early stages with Paddington on his own having to stowaway to get to England it was when he finally found a family to stay with that the real fun began.  Before you knew it the film developed into a breathtakingly hilarious and fast moving series of almost inconceivable events that had us all laughing non – stop irrespective of age. At the end there was a spontaneous round of applause from everybody.  Never have I seen such wide smiles on simply everyone's faces as they left, everyone feeling really high, happy and good inside. If you haven’t seen it then try to. You won’t regret it. They got everything right with this film and well done Sarah who chose and booked Paddington. Roll on the next one.

Thanks again to all our helpers on the day including our master projectionist Adrian who once again did a sterling job for us. Thank you also to our audience, not least for supporting the centre and for sharing such a wonderful afternoon with us.  Let’s do it again soon.


April’s edition saw me introduce Monday's programme of groups/classes being held at the centre. Just prior to it being published I had occasion to speak with Marie Bevis the artist who runs classes in the Linton Room. Marie has recently introduced within the usual Monday Art Group an element named “START ART”. This is particularly for those who are new to painting and drawing and require more tuition to help  build their skills and confidence.  Within this Marie teaches the basics: perspective, line, composition and colour. There is always a friendly chat and discussion, the sharing of tips and advice all to the background of relaxing music with tea, coffee and biscuits provided.  

The class starts at 10.30 finishing at 12.30 lunch time.

Fees are £22 pounds for four sessions, with some materials provided.

Call 01621 858636 to speak with Marie and see if this is for you.

A recent class photo accompanies this article.


Now as I may have mentioned in a previous article Gordon our Facilities Manager is retiring later this month.  He will be greatly missed not only for his energy and enthusiasm in directing us lesser mortals to greater things but also for his expertise, professionalism and endless ideas, many of which I filch without embarrassment to claim as my own.

In addition you may have noticed I regularly use him within my articles as he doesn’t seem to mind being used and abused hence I’m personally bereft. I feel I am losing not only a good friend and ally but a good story maker too!


The committee decided they would like to take Gordon and his wife to dinner to thank him for everything he has done for the centre  during his time with us and hence we all met up at the Queen Victoria Public House one evening last week. With 17 of us present we had a wonderful evening. Thank you to Kelvin and Nicola who ensured we all had a wonderful time. The food was excellent, with an extensive menu to cater for all, enhanced by good service. (So if you want to try somewhere different to eat, why not try the Queen Vic. You won't regret it, I know we didn't).  Most importantly our guest of honour was in fine form, talking shop with John and Jim, and mingling with all. Mary was delightful company as ever keeping us ladies entertained and during the course of the evening many manner of things were discussed. Some stranger than others. However all too soon the evening was over with a sad tinge to the close of the celebrations. 


“Don’t worry Gordon, you don't get away that easily. I will be in touch soon!“


Along with I suspect, many others of us.  In the meantime Gordon is spending his last few days with us, organising us all, and getting everything shipshape as only he can do!  So thanks Gordon from all of us at The West Maldon Community Centre. Enjoy your retirement and know that you’ll be a hard act to follow!