Maldon Life Article December 2014

Well Sunday the 16th arrived and it was the first film showing of the season; Maleficent.  It was a great film with an All Star cast but not as well attended as we had hoped.  Possibly it was a little too close to Christmas and of course many children would have gone to see it during the recent half term. However those who attended enjoyed it immensely. Once again our thanks go to Lindsay and her team from “Help for Lone Parents” who provided drinks, confectionary and refreshments for sale to those who wanted them.   Sarah and husband Jeremy, along with Dorreen valiantly carried the day in lieu of other committee members who were unable to make it, so a very big thank you to them for all their hard work in volunteering to hold this event not forgetting Jim who got the hall ready to go.

In next month’s edition we hope to have the date of the next film showing along with details of the film to be shown.  In the meantime don’t forget to email me on “” if you know of a film you think would be popular showing to a family audience.  

Next we would like to welcome John Edwards to the team of caretakers who look after us all at the centre. John will be working on Fridays generally.  Following staff changes we wil,l as a way of increasing security for users, be posting photographs of all staff in the Facilities Dept on the Foyer walls shortly, so make sure you have a look. In addition staff  will also  be issued with ID tags carrying photos and name details, in the near future again for everyone’s security and this should help you recognise the caretaker in charge.

By the time you read this the “Annual Children’s Christmas Party” will once more have been and gone. With a record number of children it will be interesting to see how we all manage. We should have photos ready for the next edition together with an account of the highlights to entertain you.

Finally we need to bring to everyone’s attention the problem of speeding cars, while approaching the centre.  Remember there are many people including children and the elderly using the centre and the last thing we want, is for an accident to occur.  It is far better to arrive late to pick-up your child/friend/wife/husband rather than have an accident just as you get there or worse.  The speed limit in Sunbury Way is 5 MPH and there are CCTV speed cameras located on the roof of the building covering the approach road, so you will be” on camera”.  We are currently putting up further notices in the area in an effort to bring this to everyone’s attention but we do need your assistance to help us avoid a tragedy, by keeping your speed down.   Thank you.

Finally to all of our clients, members and readers, “Have a great Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year from all of us on the committee.  We hope to see you soon!