Maldon Life Editorial August 2015

August 2015

August brings us once more to that period when the Centre shuts down for nearly two weeks (although we try to restrict it to just the one weekend) to minimise disruption to clients. Yes it’s the Summer shutdown. This year it is the 17th – 28th August with Peter Harden ably taking the strain along with our team of caretakers. Shutdown is  “MOT” time for the centre when everything is either checked, repaired, decorated, replaced or discarded but this year there’s something very exciting happening. You see two of our committee members, namely Andy Streets; and Peter Harden both local residents and passionate about improving the centre and surrounding areas, researched thoroughly the benefits of installing air conditioning throughout the centre.

Having researched several companies for quotes, visiting installations previously undertaken and enjoying air conditioning during our recent hot spell, they had clearly done a fantastic job and with information to hand approving it was almosta given. It was passed unanimously with their “Coup de Grace” being that they had insisted that the winning company was able to install it all during this year’s shutdown.  Wow! Well done Peter and Andy.

So the next time you hear from me I will be able to let you know just how it feels. Sports hall users will particularly benefit as the current ceiling fans aren’t really adequate during hot spells.  The same system will also provide heat and will update and improve on current provision during the winter months.

Next I give notice that our next AGM is due on Thursday 8th October at 7.45pm. It’s held in the Jubilee lounge at the community centre. That’s when we vote a new committee in for the next 12 months. We are always looking for people with fresh ideas, who are interested in getting involved  in the community. If you think you might be interested why not come along to our next meeting on 10th September 7.45pm. You can meet us all and see what goes on. It’s only 10 meetings a year so not unduly onerous and extremely rewarding. We’d love to welcome you.

       Finally I mustn’t forget to tell you about our next quiz-night being held on Saturday September        19th. Ithe Sports Hall. Start time is 8pm – 10.30pm approx.  This is a super night out costing            just £3.50 a head, along with prizes for the winning team and a raffle. You bring along your              own drinks and nibbles. Kevin Briggs our quizmaster sets a variety of questions that really                aren’t so hard and usually in a team offour to six people you have a good chance of                          completing quite a few.  Come along and find out for yourself. Tel Sue 840951 if you have any          queries in the meantime.