Maldon Life Article April 2015

The 29th March saw the film Paddington showing at the centre and a capacity crowd attended. It was simply brilliant.  Clearly this was a popular film with some attending having already seen it before.  A great choice made by Sarah. Thanks must go to Adrian Stockton who once again did a magnificent job as our volunteer projectionist, what would we do without him?  Additionally Lindsey Young and her volunteers from the Charity “Help for Lone Parents” once again made those attending happy by offering for sale a good range of confectionary and drinks at reasonable prices before the film started. Not to forget all the other volunteers they are all important if we are to hold cinema events.  Now we’ve just got one last job for the time being and that’s to decide when and what the next film will be.

 Well it’s April now and I for one have been enjoying the sunnier weather we have had recently and the lighter evenings. I love to see all the spring flowers although the rest of the garden definitely needs some hard work so I’m not looking too closely.   There are plenty of things to do at the West Maldon Community Centre, every day of the week when you have free time, with a wide variety of different sports, interests and hobbies catered for there. This month I thought I’d run through the variety of offerings we have on offer on Mondays.  So if this is a free day for you, have a browse to see if something grabs you.

The Blackwater U3A start things off at 9.30am with Table Tennis from 9.30am until 12.00 noon in the Sports hall run by John. This is a great way to keep fit but as with all the U3A interest groups, will require U3A membership.  Then the 2nd Monday every other month sees Alan run a Science and Technology group for 2 hours 9.30-11.30am.  The first Monday of the month 2pm - 4pm sees the Maritime group get together lead by C Pugh.

Brian of Limebrook U3A runs a highly successful bridge group 2pm - 4pm on the second and fourth Monday each month and the Maldon U3A run a photography interest group on the second Monday each month 2-4pm.

10.15 -12.45 see’s Jenny run the “Action for Family Carers” help group.  10.30-12.30 is the “Breathe Easy” group for those suffering with breathing disorders such as, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

10.30-1pm is the weekly Art Class run by Marie in the Jubilee Lounge with everyone welcome irrespective of ability. 2.00 - 3.0pm is Noha and her Belly Dancing group in the Hall.  This is a fun way to get fit and keep active and Noha is a joy to watch she’s so graceful and a great teacher.

4-6.30pm sees the Patricia Kirkland School of Dance offering dancing lessons for younger children. You may recall Trish recently put on a spectacular show “Sleeping Beauty with her dancers on at the Town Hall. It was excellent, the dancers from these classes doing her proud on the two days the show ran.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to illness so was unable to take photos but I have it on good authority that standing ovations followed the dancing on both occasions.

6.30-7.30pm. in the Linton room is the diet and nutrition weight loss programme by Arriba especially for those looking to lose weight and re-educate themselves as to the best eating habits for a healthy life.

Then back in the sports hall we have Table-tennis for 9 – 16 year olds 6.45pm -7.45pm. With the older players aged 17 + from 7.45pm –late with Glen and Tim.

Hopefully I’ve given you something to think about and if you want to find out more visit our website for contacts and telephone numbers.

Now finally I have some rather sad news, Gordon has decided to retire from his role as Facilities Manager at the centre. He will be missed by everyone on the committee and at the centre.

I personally will really miss our Monday morning meetings, where his raft of ideas and enthusiasm for everything at the centre made them a joy, if a little crazy at times. However of course we understand that retirement is due and I am sure Mary, his wife, will appreciate Gordon being at home keeping the garden under control once more which I understand is one of his first jobs.  The second one, being when he comes around and does my garden……mmmmmmm.